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Rose Pendant (Large)

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Rose Pendant (Large)
Rose Pendant (Large)

Rose Pendant (Large)

Floral Range
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This Rose pendant is based on the Rosa centifolia- This rose is a complex hybrid developed
by Dutch breeders sometime before the 19th century. It is particularly used in the perfume
trade, as it especially valued for its singular fragrance which is sweet and clean, with high 
notes of honey. This rose pendant is inspired by artwork by Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-
1840)- The floral works of Redouté have a great 
reputation for their beauty and accuracy. He began his career as a scene painter in Paris 
but his real love was flower painting. He was found painting in the Jardin du Roi by the 
wealthy botanist Charles Louis L’Hértier de Brutelle who became his patron. Redouté was 
introduced to the royal household and was appointed Draughtsman to the Cabinet of 
Marie-Antoinette. After the revolution Joséphine Bonaparte became his generous patron.
She spent untold sums on the publications recording her rare and exotic plants which 
contributed directly to Redouté’s most magnificent volumes Les Liliacées (1802-16) and 
Les Roses (1817-24).

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